BLACK MARKET ESCAPE ROOMS, a new immersive-based attraction company, announces the
opening of MURDERCO, a permanent escape experience aimed at turning the attraction industry on its
head. Moonlighting from their day gigs, a handful of theme park professionals have thrown the proverbial
gloves off by thrusting guests into an adventure far too severe for the family-friendly confines of an
amusement park.

The experience was created by theme park designer, Jon Cooke, who was looking to push the
parameters set by the day-to-day requirements in his industry. In response to founding his new side
project, Black Market Escape Rooms, Cooke says, “I saw so much potential story and show elements in
escape rooms. I wanted to do something more so I went out and surrounded myself with some of the
best experts in the theme park industry and we created this unforgettable encounter.”
Regarding MurderCo’s intensity is attraction writer and director Ted Dougherty, who confesses, “We had
to go to some extremely dark places that definitely left a few emotional marks.” Although the attraction
may not fall into the category of an “extreme haunt,” it does contain content best reserved for those not
easily offended or disgusted.

MurderCo includes state-of-the-art special effects typically reserved for major theme park attractions.
Some of the other professionals Cooke has recruited include artists, technicians and designers who have
worked with the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Cedar Fair and the National Football League.
Companies on board and supplying a stockpile of surprises are Gantom Lighting and Controls, Immortal
Masks and Ghost Ride Productions.

Expect serious thrills as Cooke is no stranger to terrifying people based on his innovative haunted
attraction designs for Knott’s Scary Farm. When conceiving MurderCo, he admits, “It’s what I have
always wanted to see and do in an immersive attraction.” A living nightmare is one step away for
those bold enough to cross into MurderCo.


JON COOKE has designed, art directed and produced some of the most successful haunted attractions
for the world famous Knott’s Scary Farm, including “Special Ops: Infected,” “Paranormal, Inc,”
“Shadowlands,” "Trick Or Treat: Lights Out" and “Dark Ride.” As vocalist for the deathcore metal band, Winds of Plague, Cooke has released numerous albums and toured extensively throughout the globe. Taking the two worlds of themed entertainment and live performance, Cooke has melded his experience into creating visionary ways to horrify the masses.

IMMORTAL MASKS was established in 2010 and owned by Andrew and Michelle Freeman and George
Frangadakis. In addition to winning Season 12 of the Syfy reality television series, Face Off, Andrew has
worked professionally as a Hollywood special effects artist. Between Andrew’s expertise and George’s
experience as an effects supervisor, Immortal Masks is comprised of some of the best working artists in
the film, theme park and haunted attraction industries.

TED DOUGHERTY is a writer, producer and director having worked with Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Cedar Fair and Hollow Studios, including directing and co-
writing Fear VR, the first 4-D virtual reality horror experience at a major theme park.

GHOST RIDE PRODUCTIONS was founded by special effects artists experienced in Halloween maze
effects. The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative specialty products for Halloween
and haunted house events, including mechanical effects, special effects, specialty costumes and props.

GANTOM LIGHTING AND CONTROLS was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer of special-effects
lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. Gantom’s award-winning products have
been installed in a wide range of venues around the world including theme parks, museums and haunted