Nothing bonds a group quicker than being faced with Death slamming on the front door. The MurderCo escape experience blends a perfect formula to produce an incredibly exciting and challenging team building exercise. Although the production is designed to be extremely difficult, it is quite possible to survive, if and when all members of the group are working together as a team.

MurderCo is no different than most aspects of the working sector – to achieve goals, a team must successfully use their analytical skills, open communication, logic, creative and critical thinking. Here is your chance to put those skills to a life or death test.

Although the experience is designed to accommodate up to eight players at once, options are available to schedule consecutive blocks of time allowing additional employee groups to attend one after another. Ask about our special options for managers/supervisors/owners to become an honorary MurderCo Marshal to "enhance" the team exercise.

Contact Us today to schedule your private time block and throw your employees into the adrenaline-packed world of MurderCo. A bonding experience they will never forget.

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